New Years Resolution – Dads Guide

New Years Resolution - Dads Guide

Let me start by saying, yes I made the classic mistake of shooting for the unattainable and unrealistic 2018 goals. Once I wrote everything down and thought about it, I just started laughing. Then – when my wife Cyndi asked about my goals, she confirmed my theory that I had way, way, way to many.

So why did I start off by telling you I had a laundry list of new years resolutions? Because I realized that of all of those resolutions, none applied to my family in the sense of helping them. They all seemed to be one sided and all about me. As a dad, you want to provide for your family and strive for perfection, or what you think it is. Let me tell you that it ain’t going to happen. My new years resolution is to do more for my family and my little guy.


My 2018 Dads Resolution list:
1. Strive to be more patent and understanding when you have a tantrum over the smallest thing or for no reason.
2. Be more in the now rather than in digital.
3. Introduce you to Jesus and show you how he is a part of your life.
4. Read more books and play outside no matter what is going on if you ask.
5. Snuggle as much as possible.
6. Be the best daddy to your mommy.
7. Tell you it is okay to cry and really be fine with it.
8. Be a dad that isn’t afraid to screw up and not have all of the answers.
9. Provide for you and mommy in whatever way needed.


Now looking at that list. You could say there is nothing about me in it, but look closer. It’s about personal growth through what matters: family. A lot of times we get bogged down with work and life. We forget how our children help us. My challenge to any dads out there is to re-write your resolutions list to make it about your family. Throughout the year I will give you updates from my side and I hope to hear some of yours.

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